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"Love takes a heart brave enough to break."- The Madden Brothers

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"I miss my childhood house where my heart slowed down…since our childhood homes are apartments though, I’ve been finding I don’t feel it the same way now." -Dry the River, Hidden Hand

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"You don’t like rock n’ roll. Are you serious?" - The Madden Brothers, Good Gracious Abbey

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Top 3: Valentino, Fall 2014 Couture

Bottom 3: Dolce & Gabbana, Fall 2014 RTW

Today during my Computers in Fashion Design class I listened to two girls in the row in front of me talk negatively about these designers. 

"Valentino does nothing special. Everything is A-line. The only thing interesting is the embroidery.", she said. "And I hate everything Dolce & Gabbana make. It’s hideous." 

"I agree." said the other one.

Then they went on to hate on Joan Rivers and how hideous they think her face is. Way to respect the dead. She knew more fashion designers and more about fashion than you do right now and may ever, sweethearts. And with attitudes like that you won’t be going very far in this industry.

I just want to ask them, what makes you so special? What have you created that has been renowned? At 22 do you really think you know better than these designers and icons that have been doing this for longer than you’ve been alive? I sure don’t think so. And whether or not you like the aesthetic of someones work, you must look beyond that. Look at the attention to detail, the delicate fabric and hand work, look at the thought and amount of time and care paid to each garment. Look at the fit, the drape, the movement of the fabric. Look at the carefully chosen colors, think of the research, the history and iconography of the brand.

These people worked hard for these careers. They studied hard. They take risks. They push themselves to keep learning and keep growing as designers. Any one of us in this program would be more than blessed to work with and be taught by them.

Quit being so vapid and running your mouths. Respect the people who have been on this path long before you, or have fun designing fast fashion at Forever 21 while I’m mingling with  the greats and churning out couture.

"When I first started I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to be." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"Leave that painful memory in the Garden of Gethsemane."

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Ulyana Sergeenko, Fall 2014 Couture

"The woman who doesn’t need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet."

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I try to stick to fashion, art, and music on my blog, but this is too good not to share. It gets me every times. I literally laugh so hard that I am crying by the end. The owl is on a fucking swiffer mop!! I can’t handle it. Lmao! I would have never thought of this method of owl evacuation.


An owl gets inside the house. The Owl Whisperer™ tries to get it back outside again. x

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"It’s been a long time comin’, a long road runnin’. You know what I’m sayin’ if you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it, couldn’t sleep until you make it, and you know when you got it no one else could ever take it…….The storms start ragin’, come all the tribulations, when the fire starts fading you just gotta recreate it."

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271 years before Pantone, an artist mixed and described every color imaginable in an 800-page book.

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